Grand Finale in Greece?

Oh My!
Not often it all comes together like it did today. Perfect weather conditions, reckless optimism and a freewheel down the equivalent of Snowdon and a half ( our much loved biggest mountain in Wales ).


9 hours up; (most of it on foot with Sir G. in docile pursuit) and about 2 down and even time for coffee with 3 of the remaining 20 inhabitants of Kivelia. (500m)

Δάσος βασιλικής or Dhasos Vasilikis was a ride I had thought totally beyond me but which I would have loved to do. Seems it WAS possible after all!


Nearly there 1400m

The top
Blast of wind skews horizon at 1600 meters. panoramic view or overview of my wonderful time in the Peloponnese.


Time to come down.


A very special shy appearance who was curious enough to stay still for a moment.

[PS. I knew it I knew it….. This IS a lynx…. It crossed my path a way ahead of me and was HUGE.
I looked it up and it is indeed found, rarely, in mountainous areas of (mainly northern) Greece.
My rapid zoom just managed to catch it amongst the rocks after it had padded off.

Oh. Glum disappointment. Maybe I was a bit enthusiastic, like the time on Skye when I watched an otter-shaped rock for ages and ages …. The guy in the coffee bar insists it’s a great big domestic cat. In the rocks at 1600m, looking so well fed? All the little local cats are so scrawny and malnourished they look fit to drop, and it was HUGE! And I wasn’t hallucinating from euphoria!]

What can I say? I have been granted a most incredible journey at such a wonderful time, just when I really thought I was not up for much more than a bit of horizontal rolling over. A bird’s eye view of the peninsular stretched out way, way, way to the south, but with many visible little villages I have visited over these tough weeks. The mountains were kind today. Lovely moderate warmth and only when I got down to sea level did the gale force roaring winds compel me to walk at a slant.
My legs are not quite sure which way up to go, but metaxa seems to have got them upstairs.

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2 Responses to Grand Finale in Greece?

  1. your crazy girl!!!!!!
    And did not drop in for a vitamin on your way back!
    I really congratulate you!

    love, Burgi

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