Greece… a last look over on the other side. Pianos to Pedals.

I have sometimes managed to scrub up quite well…

Concert for ‘The Philosophers’

But this time, I had sent my posh kit home to try to lighten the bags, yet again.
We really gave them something special, didn’t we Burgi?
This evening we were playing for a seminar entitled ‘find your heart’s treasure and dissolve the obstacles’. I was especially lucky to have an almost instant connection, aged 3 to my treasure… music. It has never gone away.

Late night farewell to Agios Nikolaos. Just SO happens Sabina from the audience is driving to Kotronas tomorrow, would I like her to drop my ton of luggage off there?!?!?!
Angels have been busy looking after me again, haven’t they?

What goes down must go up! The transition from piano to pedals was very easy today! Such a beautiful ride. Here in Oitylo, looking at the hairpins up to Areopoli. Without luggage, this took me only half the time compared to the other day. Thank you Sabina.

Looking back to admire the view from the other side. It was already quite hot and these little stops can be a real treat instead of slogging away.

Such colours.

Ancient Pirichos on the pass from Areopoli to Kotronas. The stone architecture blends in so beautifully with the landscape that from pirate ships at sea, they would be hardly visible.
I had a fantastic tail wind….

….. then gusty crosswinds on the lovely downhill bends which turned up the olive leaves to reveal their silver undersides. New Tarmac, too; such a great sound of happy tyres humming and lovely to be back in the wild east!

Here’s to you Burgi dear, and everyone on the west side who have made my stay here so special. Sitting by the sea and watching those waves touch as they roll into each other, meeting in so many places. An unforgettable time to cherish.
Thank you one and all.

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2 Responses to Greece… a last look over on the other side. Pianos to Pedals.

  1. thank you, my dear friend and inspiration and Music partner, and teacher………..
    love and light, Burgi

  2. ruthjenni says:

    You have always scrubbed up well dear. You and your friend Tatjana too! x

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