A little ride before breakfast… Flomochori, Greece.

… and two more exquisite ‘Ecclesîa’

Agios Anastasia has only recently been built and inside, the pencil guide lines and empty spaces are still waiting to be completed by the famous painter, Stavros. I stood for ages weighing up beach or paint?
Never was much of a beach person! So peaceful. I just love painting angels.
The rim of the up-turned bucket has probably left a big dent in my bottom… I didn’t notice a thing until it was time to stand up 2 hours later!!


The gold leaf of the halos was just glowing, and close to, I discovered that this wonderful artist uses the most subtle shades of delicate rose pink for the lovely faces. He also does such nice legs!


Flomochori. Albanian masons are paving the narrow streets of the fortified settlement

I love watching construction of any kind and the guys were in stiches trying to get me to photo each other with their backsides in the air. Facially they are very like the Polish I think.
The towers are some of the tallest I have seen. A chicken had just been slaughtered on a handy slab.


Agios Barbara in Vata is at the other extreme… I don’t know how old it is but I do remember passing the track up to it when fully laden a few weeks ago. Slogging up another a steep hill in what was then such a state of exhaustion was out of the question!
Today it was so short and sweet without heavy bags and I felt yet again such a joy of being able to look inside. The beauty of the views, approaching it as it nestled on its hilly mound and then from the ancient water cistern beside it were simply gorgeous. I stamped around with my camera, as it is now snake and scorpion time in the crisp dry grasses.

My little ride before breakfast turned into a whole morning slowly exploring this lane and that, and so the last steep bit UP before swooping back down into Kotronas for lunch was very hot for a few minutes!

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