‘Team Jeep’ is revving up

We have spent the last month or so tweaking the departure date…. later and later, as it seems that neither Dinah nor I are at all anxious to leave.
Last Monday we were leaving on Thursday. On thursday we thought Sunday might be better. Last month we agreed that we should leave it a month and see. Today we are going tomorrow, but when we announced this over lunch and Apostolis suggested we shake hands on it, Dinah promptly keeled over out of arm’s reach with her hands in the air…. might be tempting fate!!

You can see that we are in for a lot of laughs.

I still have to pack up and make a list or two. The most IMPORTANT one is the revised and much lighter kit list in case I try another bike expedition. I seem to have just got the hang of minimal weight for maximum effect these last couple of days. Oh well! 🙂

So it’s a few pictures and rather less commentary. Another beautiful day has flown by.

Planning meeting

Celebrating with Karidopita

It’s probably that way… do I have to wear a frock?

I have promised to restore his saddle to precisely the right height

Thanks to Apostolis and Dinah…..

It was all dead easy….. (I am so much happier in shorts)

Don’t catch your hooves in any olive branches dearest.
Sir G. has gone off for the night to a strange place ….. with another woman. He is tethered to the roof rack. And I have got the key. Ha!
I must go and pack.
Goodnight one and all. New style of adventure. Brink of. :)))

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3 Responses to ‘Team Jeep’ is revving up

  1. Susan Duncan says:

    You really taking Sir G. back home ? or where you off to next. I do remember you saying getting a lift back to UK, but are you not leaving Sir G.behind to carry on through Turkey ? and onto India ? then back round to Noto ??
    Anyway, you always manage to bring giggles on ! The frock “giggles”, Sir G upside down on top of a wagon,”giggles”, and lots of smiles thinking of you setting off on another adventure, Have a great time !
    Susan X

  2. jon stein says:

    hello Jenny from Follaton! I’m sorry to say I’ve only just got ‘on board’ with your trip – but am absolutely blown away by what I’ve read, seen, and heard (remember that clip of Chopin’s first prelude?) I can’t take in yet the treasure chest of experience and adventure that you’re notching up – I do look forward to reading the illustrated book (with CD accompaniment) when it comes out!
    Life is good here. I also had a foreign adventure (last winter in Spain), and have been finsihing off writing about my India trip 3 years ago… The music-making is a little quieter, but I continue to strum and sing from time to time. I see Tandy and Sasha from time to time and understand they are getting on well with their music. I have also done a little guitar teaching myself at Bowden house.
    Otherwise, it’s gardening, a bit of meditation, and helping run the Totnes gay men’s group! Wishing you well with the rest of your adventure – we’re all so proud of you! much love,
    Jon (Stein)

    PS I like the layout of the blog – am thinking of starting one myself!

  3. beverley says:

    A very fetching frock indeed but one which I suspect will not be seen wandering the streets of Totnes. I once had something similar hanging in my cupboard for many a moon. Good luck with the journey. Nice jeep. Keep us posted. Have fun. Best wishes to Dinah. Bevx

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