Team jeep, Italy…… But where?

Alberobolo to Mura Lucano 200km

Well first we had to find a replacement tyre. Then we saw a bread shop so I hopped out to pick up a loaf. Dina followed me in after a while because she thought I had been abducted! No, it’s a deli’ in disguise!
Then it was off to find verdura and then a few more bottles of that wonderful primitivo. (” is it time for a snack yet” guess who?)

It was a day of swinging hopes as we got progressively more and more confused about the differences between the road map, what we actually saw and the signposts to places pointing in two opposite directions at once.
However, always cheered by food we turned picnic lunch into a banquet as we remembered those last precious 2 inches of wine!


We nearly came to blows over the last drop…..I wonder what sort of shape we will be in after a couple of weeks of this?
As we were winding downhill at last, totally mystified by our whereabouts, 2 smart, Lycra clad cyclists were showing off up the impressively long climb.
All I could do was grumble and my ill-humoured, misplaced envy (they are young, fit, guys making it all look like a walk in the park) was most unbecoming. Dina offered to let me and Sir G. out, but as you know, I havent shaved my brown, pink and white striped legs recently and I would look a bit shabby without the Lycra, wouldn’t I?
Well, the sky had turned black and we were getting a bit tired.


The enormous, pastel coloured hill clinging town of Mura (wall?) Lucano rose out of the valley and here we are staying for the night in a B&B


The olive trees are artfully pruned here and last month’s tiny flowers have already begun to transform themselves into millions of bright green baby olives.

Tomorrow with our confusing map and dollops of luck we are going to try and find a place that isn’t on it.

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