This Time Last Year…. a photo from each country cycled.

I was packing and re-packing and full of eager anticipation.
Ditto, right now as I organise just a few last details, with Roscoff and Plymouth around the corner.

A few duets and ramblings with François and then, it will be humbly into a hire car to do the last bit from Nantes, as I have got a bit of a problem with my Achilles tendon and don’t want to risk further strain….. How odd…. a year ago I was in trouble with a shoulder injury. I think I get the message. It’s time to stop (for a while anyway)!

I think it was early in April when the decision to return emerged through the heat and sweat of the Greek mountains…. What a wonderful place to be and such a wrench to leave.
I have been talking a bit about transition… at first my apprehension was in the foreground, as well as some sadness. The ‘process’ has been unfolding beautifully and almost without me noticing, here I am, really really looking forward to being on home ground again, as well as relishing the last few days in France…music-making with Francois and a massive grand piano just downstairs!!!

Looking through some of the vast collection of photos, I can see that I will have plenty to keep me busy as I settle back in. I thought you might like a few more… Don’t know which order to go in!
Um… Let’s go from the start.

Denmark (July)

Sweden (August)

Poland (September/October)

Slovakia ( November )

Hungary ( December )

Sicily ( December to March )

Greece ( March, April, May )

France (June)
The cycle of the year and its wonderful seasons… Beethoven’s last sonata coming to mind with it’s closing bars, the most sublime descending scale to completion.

The sun is shining, birds busy, François slumbering… ha ha and a piano!

Thanks again for all the messages and for looking in. Have a great day.

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2 Responses to This Time Last Year…. a photo from each country cycled.

  1. sheila bendall says:

    be really good to see you back in Totnes. Travel safely. lots of love xx

  2. Henrietta says:

    Beautiful photos, I needed a recap, I keep trying to tell hugh where you’ve been and start floundering after Poland….Gosh nearly home..mixed feelings I guess?

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