“Vous avez un si beau sourire”

Smiles and chocolate…. on give and take

we were talkng about the economic situation and the demise of currency. By and by when we had exchanged a little more, the conversation went a bit like this.
Beautiful young man;
“I can give a smile” ….as he handed me a coffee from his stall on the market in the lovely little town of La Montagne.
“I wonder what I will be able to give when I get back?”

Beautiful young man;
“A bigger smile”

By ths time the smiles between us were like sparkling diamonds.

Probably the oldest currency in the history of mankind.

Thank you, beautiful young man. I am so much the richer for your wonderful smile and for your encouragement to continue smiling.

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3 Responses to “Vous avez un si beau sourire”

  1. beverley says:

    Just where is that icon for a smiley face? How do people do that? Far too complex for me. Ah well…. I’ll just smile inwardly instead. See you soon. Then I’ll really smile. xxxxxxx

  2. Kay Cady says:

    my lifelong philosophy, jenny ( ad secretly yours too I think) How rich our lives become when we meet such people! Kayx

  3. valentina says:

    after a month in Italy,in the region of the never-ending earthquake,around reggio emilia,i’m pleased to meet you again jenny,with a genuine smile (buth it’s so difficult to continue to smile,in the middle of the big Krisis,here in Greece,no job,no perspectives for the young,no confidence in the future…with this global-bastard financial governance!).Smile and anger,for the Change!

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