D-Day 22nd June. Nantes to Roscoff/Plymouth and Home!

A very dozy Francois nobly stumbled into the kitchen at the unearthly hour of 7.30am (he confesses to have become a bit of a night owl recently) for a quick bite


and final fling ( fruit peel over the hedge in a joyous arc from the front door step!) so that he could show me out of the village and put me onto an exquisite wetland route to the northbound highway.
An elegant stork was pottering in the marshes to add to the delight.
20k further down the road when we had separated the companionable bikes in the boot, we also parted company and his hi-vis jacket turned to a bright small spot.


If this one works…. I will be especially pleased!

The day before we went to great lengths to make a little video… Such discussion over minute details!! Such fun to be paying attention again in this way, to the precise nature of music making. There were so many gorgeous duets to choose from, but I chose this one because of its long long association with Children’s Hour… a very English radio production called ‘Listen with Mother’ which I did (listen to with MY mother) all those years ago. You will instantly recognise it as an extract from Faure’s Dolly Suite.
Here is a pic of François and his instrument

Note the marvelous ratio of pianist to piano!

Thank you so much Francois, and for our funny, restful time together in your lovely home and friendly village. It was great to meet some of your wonderful friends too. I am sorry I was so shattered that I kept going to sleep.


Back to the last leg of the journey….. 380k or so later, it was another final fling… I was sure I could hear bagpipes and nosed around the Roscoff ferry car park until I found them.. Abandoned the car in the middle of it all to take a pic and was swept up into a spontaneous circle dance. My camera was gently swiped and a delicious young man caught a celebratory snap. They are ‘ Cercle Celtic’ from Concorneau and were on their way to Cornwall on the same ferry!


I was nearly caught out by a bit of confusion over departure time. I sauntered over to the ticket desk, thinking I had an hour to spare and was charmingly asked to “go now; the ferry leaves in 20 minutes!” … and join the head of the queue of cyclists and bikers boarding the ferry.


It was such a rock and roll crossing that I sadly missed the circle dancing in the bar in favour of lying quietly on the floor … except for one fleeting, brave expedition to the loo where countless poor school children were being noisily sick. I think their teachers deserve a medal!


This was my smile when Beverley pulled up on the Plymouth side with her spacious wagon to cart me back to Totnes.
Staunch friend is a wild understatement. Glad you snaffled that smelly cheese!


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3 Responses to D-Day 22nd June. Nantes to Roscoff/Plymouth and Home!

  1. Kay Cady says:

    Can you bring some sunshine back please Jenny! Kxxx

  2. beverley says:

    The Camembert was truly delicious. The real deal. And a source of interest, olfactorally speaking, to anyone entering our house. We just had to eat it quickly, at great personal sacrifice. Thanks. P.S, My spell checker says there is no such word as olfactorally, twice. Any brave exponents of the English language? Apart from that. lovely to have you home. Keep smiling. I could see it come from deep within along with a true sense of transformation, reminiscent of a chrysalis to a butterfly. Let those wings flutter. xxxxxx

  3. wendy says:

    Dear Jenny
    Before I read this i couldn’t quite handle it all
    Seeing you briefly has been strange! I can hardly believe you are not
    really in mainland Europe.
    thank you for this wonderful “last episode”
    I’ve been waiting for it and now really can believe you are here
    That Listening with Mother has me in pieces every time
    It’s because we have a similar attachment to it I think.
    Anyway – also the pictures of the the bird and Devon are very moving
    Back in the caravan again
    WOW – but so different from a year ago
    But definitely a new beginning
    I do so hope you keep going with your “fans”
    Lots of love Wendyxx

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