Slowly returning to un-normal

Hello everyone,
Just keeping in touch really. I don’t seem to have been inspired to write recently, but I can’t quite give up the idea of blogging altogether…. I have to say that one the of the things I really miss is the connection and pleasure of comments and messages!!
For those of you who are local to Totnes, I haven’t yet come up with a date for a knees-up and with the summer holidays now starting, I think I will wait until I have put something together like a slide show/soiree so as to have something to share together… watch this space!
What’s new? Well, I am test driving a superb E-bike as a possible alternative to putting yet another car on the road. I am a little bit worried that my little legs might lose their motivation, as it really is just so easy to whizz uphill on one of these, but as there are so many steep hills around me, it also could make life both easier AND I still have the pleasure of two wheels without the terror of the other option…a small motor bike or moped.
I almost but not quite completed my CBT ( no, NOT cognitive behavioural therapy ) training day, but as I was only happy at just below 10mph on the road and shaking like a leaf after an hour in minimal traffic, I have decided that mopeds and motorbikes are not for me. Shame, as I really fancied myself on a low-rider with all the gear….. but the weight of it all and trying to get my specs on without mangling my ears, once the claustrophobic helmet was in place and the faff when you can’t look down far enough because the jaw thingy is in the way and so you can’t see to zip yourself in and then you have to take off specs and helmet and start all over again and that sets off a hot flush….. were at least treble that of cycle togs and I have enough trouble with all that clutter as it is!
Phew, what a relief to be back on my bike again and sweating up hills or maybe not sweating, but purring and gliding effortlessly …. hee hee!
Enjoy this wonderful spell of weather, and the summer break.


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3 Responses to Slowly returning to un-normal

  1. Carolyn Butt says:

    Ahhh – a red poppy. Heaven! xx

  2. jenny says:

    Yes, please carry on writing, blogging, painting,drawing, photographing and sharing it all. Why stop now? The journey continues……and I really enjoy sharing it with you. Looking forward to a bit of a do still. Happy to help. xxxxx

  3. sheila bendall says:

    Really enjoyed your latest news and as you are missing hearing from “us” thought I would just pop up. Your bit of a do sounds interesting? Enjoy sun, I am altho working it makes everything so good. See you soon? xx

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