It’s my Birthday again!




Hey ho, tomorrow it’s my birthday again!! This time last year was such a fabulous surprise, playing an impromptu concert for a large audience in a magnificent Chateau near Linkoping, and then being sung “Happy Birthday to You” to in Swedish, complete with “Ror Ror Ror Ror” then followed by a beautiful birthday tea at the end!

So much has happened since those happy times in Sweden … almost unbelievable really, and I have a lovely, if challenging project now, that will keep me enjoying these last 12 months in great detail, for several weeks to come!
I am starting to prepare an exhibition for the end of November. This will really focus the mind and give me hours of pleasure and tussle as I ponder over what to include and what to omit!
No doubt it will also bring many other memories to the fore, along with the profound and soul searching moments that the Beethoven and indeed the whole journey has brought in so many rich and wonderful ways. I don’t think I had quite appreciated just how much thought will need to go into the planning, so I am glad to have the time. It will fly by I bet. It will also help to stop me from fidgeting as there are still little voices that are clamouring to potter off somewhere….(why don’t I hop on a ferry and see Ireland, for instance?) and at the other end of the see saw, many more that are dismissively raising a weary eyebrow (you have got to be joking?!?!)

Back to tomorrow! A very simple picnic on a groundsheet in the paddock, in what promises to be lovely weather: this time, instead of playing Beethoven, Fergus and Henry are going to help me render some gorgeous Irish folk tunes, with penny whistle, bodrun, auto-harp, mandolin and hopefully, Henry’s fine (ex- cathedral choir boy) voice. I will try to replicate some (not very) Swedish style open sandwiches with prawns and cucumber and I have been promised a cake!

After nearly a fortnight of commuting on an electric bike around Harberton, Diptford and Totnes, I was a bit worried that I might have lost the will and power in my short little legs, so this evening I took out Sir G. at long last for a spin in the golden evening sunshine through the beautiful country lanes. I have been feeling really exhausted again and so I was ever so happy to discover that I have in fact been keeping really fit!! It was EASY!! I realize that I’ve been pedaling just as strongly but thanks to the assistance from the motor, just covering the distance at much greater speed. Wow! Such a relief though, to find so much pleasure again on my wonderful (real) bike.
Dartmoor in the distance looked absolutely fantastic and there was a hot air balloon romantically floating high above. A buzzard was sitting on a pole with his breast flaming in the sun, looking just as though he had a shimmering silhouette and then turned to look straight down at me from his high perch for several moments before silently gliding away across the road.

The sudden contrast in the weather from endless drizzle to hot and dry has been too quick for adjusting… a mere 25 degrees feels sweltering!! Heaven only knows what it must be like in Greece or Sicily, where I am told it’s been in the high 30’s and MORE! Oh but how lovely to have sunshine even if it’s just for a day or 2!

10th August

It is also incredible to think of the cycle of the year turning quietly towards autumn again…. being so in touch with the season and the elements, both on the bike and here in my little ‘caravan’ make it natural to be closely in touch with these subtle changes ….last year, the dawn mist in Sweden …..


and here today, from my door in Devon….


I have never been able to work out what it is that makes me a bit sluggish through summer and then that refreshing zing and return of energy as soon as there is the faintest breath of a little chill in the early morning air; perhaps it is something buried deep in the memory banks? Who knows? but here it is… I think I can feel a little bike ride coming on!

Have a lovely day.

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6 Responses to It’s my Birthday again!

  1. DESPINA says:

    Happy birthday Jenny from sunny Greece!
    I wish all your travelling dreams come true.

  2. valentina says:

    happy birthday also from us- Markos and Valentina

  3. raffaella says:

    dear happy birthday from boiling Palermo, big hug from Cesare Daniele and me.

  4. Stellan Bjursell says:

    Hi, Jenny!
    Happy birthday to you. It’s been a year since we met you at the restaurant on Hunneberg outside Trollhättan. Time goes so fast. It feels like it was yesterday we were there. We have thought of you very often and followed you on your way through Europe. You made ​​a big impression on us.
    Good luck to you and Sir G.
    Dear greetings from Elsa, Lilian and Stellan

  5. Henrietta says:

    ooh your birthday is two days after my mother’s, and, a little spookily, in that first photo you actually look a lot like her…..I’d never noticed that before. Hope you had a lovely day Jenny…..much love Henrietta

  6. Tom Waugh says:

    Hi Jenny,

    First of all, happy birthday!

    I came across your page through Travellingtwo and I just want to say how much I’ve enjoyed ready your posts. I love your attention to the small details of beauty in nature like the buzzard.

    I’m currently cycling around Europe and love seeing/feeling similar details of beauty; cycling along, the wind in my face as I feel the coolness of the tree’s shadow, for a split second, on a summer’s day.

    I look forward to your future posts.

    Tom Waugh
    Age 22, Australia

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