An update to “my route”

I have not been too clever with this, but now I have been learning how to use my computer again, I have been able to put place names in nearly all the places that I have cycled to stayed in, so completing the journey in Sicily and then the epic in Greece! 

you may have to zoom in quite a long way, as the distances just got shorter and shorter as the hills got steeper and steeper!

(Also the list is so long that to see the greek pointers, you will have to click on ‘page 2/next’ at the bottom of the left hand column)

I had a wonderful birthday by the way, and thank you all for your lovely messages. 

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2 Responses to An update to “my route”

  1. Zak Keith says:

    Hi there! Are you in Sweden at the moment? Marion and I met you July 2011 at Andy’s Farm Cottage B&B in Harwich (we were the bikers). Give us a shout if you’re in Stockholm! We’ve got a guest house on our property with a cozy fireplace waiting for you. Cheers! Zak

  2. Dear Jenny, thanks for the letter with your nice picture. We miss you and hope we get to meet each other again. We all feel good. I and Elenor have become grandparents. Ishaq is the boy’s name.

    We have just returned home from ou summer house where we have been for one month. Now we are rested and happy.

    Will you show your painting in November? Maybe we will come over!

    All good wishes to our favorite English lady!
    Hans and Elenor

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