A Busy Month…..

I have been swept along with all sorts despite all my intentions to lead a quiet life!
In my last post I was having a ‘little cry’. It wasn’t carved in stone, in case you were wondering.

What have I been doing since? The day I moved to house-sit for a dear friend, I rode off to meet Henrietta and family in their woodland dwelling. It was a sparkling day for a ride along the little lanes. A dip in the road, a corner and dazzling water so I slowed down to assess the surface… I misjudged it and found the ground and my hi-viz bib speeding to meet each other in a blur.
On my back in water with a bike on top of me and a flood of relief… nothing broken, but some
“ow ” and “bother” as I hauled myself up and out of the way. Along came a handy car, but I was too dim to wave them down. Instead, they pulled up and asked the way to Hazard!!! (a hamlet just a mile or so away) I naturally went into polite mode and pulled out my muddy map and then we all noticed the blood streaming from my elbow. My Hazardous angels went to work with their kindness and first aid kit while we discovered a Nottingham link and soon, that they knew my Father’s solicitor’s firm of old! Small world.
I was still pretty shaken when I got to Henrietta’s where I got some perfect hugging and cossetting, along with herbal dressing. I stuck my head in the sand and it was another 2 days before I could face the local minor injuries unit with a (by then) very inflamed and infected gash… I knew they would need to scrub it out and they did…. Ew! Well, 3 weeks on, and it has nearly healed and very grateful I am too.

In the meantime I have been in the most exquisite and spacious home belonging to my art teacher, Annemarie, while she and her husband Geoff have been away traveling overland to Istanbul; this has given me all the space in the world to do lots of work on the exhibition. It has been so lovely to mount paintings from the journey and to be able to walk from Denmark to Greece in about 6 easy steps!! my little pictures bring back so many tender memories and I am continually delighted as I relive the experience of painting them.
Each country is represented by a large sheet with 10 or so pictures all mounted on a colour backdrop which both reflects the country and the season. As a whole, we then take a colour journey through the year, soft green, gold, Michaelmas daisy violet, etc. and out into the azure blue of the Greek sea. Between each country will be a 5ft horizontal ‘journey’ of cartoons, sketches and dates/mileage/weather-type facts… my next job, which will be a little more tricky in the snug dimensions of my little hut. …. I hope I can bring the same sense of wonder, humour and tenderness to these accounts.

What else? Quite a lot of playing. Charity brunch followed by intimate private birthday celebration in Dartmouth for the late Gary McGrath. (I met his Polish widow in a cafe in a Beethoven by Bike style conversation). ‘I don’t get on with Beethoven’ was quite miraculously transformed into a request for more!
And then yesterday, I played for a very moving funeral ceremony, at which the music was such an integral part of expressing so many feelings.
Again, Beethoven was among the music, breathing his humanity and, in this case, resolution and tranquility.

In the new year I think I will be bringing him along to share at a cancer retreat… a powerful place to share the depths of life’s experiences.

In short, the journey continues, and it would seem that it is emerging in just the way it should.
It is a lesson for me to trust that it doesn’t stop just because I have come home.

Oh yes, by the way, I am flitting back to see dearest Greek friends at the end of October. I have promised to come back…….

Thanks for looking in and have a great October, wherever you are.


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2 Responses to A Busy Month…..

  1. DESPINA says:

    Have a nice October too, Jenny, and spend great time in our country Greece again.

  2. Ann Barclay says:

    Poor Jenny! So sorry about yr excursion into the pond. If you’re still at Annemarie’s would be lovely if you could drop in here on Thursday or friday – I am slightly confined to barracks as i’ve pulled a muscle in my leg as walking with a stick and, shock horror, can’t drive!!!!!! Am being transported to dentist tomorrow, but do give me a ring on 864996 or o7854533023 if you can make it and we can arrange a time. Love Ann xx Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2012 09:01:37 +0000 To: annbarclay9876@hotmail.co.uk

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