Exhibition Dates!


Well it can all seem a bit uphill sometimes and when I have just got the hang of using the bloggy thing, they go and change it and I have a melt down!!!!
All is well, I think!


Ah…. It was a long time ago…. and I remember well the anxious moment on my first downhill, not knowing where or how to put the brakes on…. those were the days.

The dates for the exhibition are November 26th to December 1st in Birdwood house Gallery, Totnes. ( it is just next to the market place at the top end of town)
I will also be giving a lunch time concert during that week in St Mary’s Church. Date to be confirmed.

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2 Responses to Exhibition Dates!

  1. jenny says:

    Go easy on the brakes. Let the wind fly through your hair. (Though of course, try not to fall off and hurt yourself) xxxx

  2. Anne Chamberlain says:

    Jenny, I’ve searched back through a few posts and cannot find information on when and where your exhibition takes place. Is it open to “new” friends? Alas, I’ll be on the wrong side of the pond, but we did FaceTime today with friends in Dartmouth, and they might be interested. They bike (he has done the ride from tip to toe of England), they often ride a tandom, they recently got an electric bike, and she plays the piano.

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