…. and then I hired a CAR! ( shh! ;) )


Yes, as well as being able to take it easy on Fritz’s great E-bike I hired a car and pottered gently off to the other side of the Mani to see Apostolis and Christina in Kotronas.
They are continuing to do great things in the community. There is now a powerful parents association at the local school in Flomochori, and as well as inspiring a local martial arts teacher to come to the school regularly, a young woman is giving computer technology lessons in a room allocated and with reconditioned computers. She is giving her time, as she sees the vision for the future of the children. Apostolis grins and says that if people are leaving the cities to come to the countryside, they will want their children to have a chance of an education that can prepare them for the 21st century. This for me is a great example of Greek generosity being channeled in such a positive direction and of the power of people pulling together even when resources are so low.

More wonderful towers


in unbelievable places!


A little Ecclesia that I didn’t have the energy to visit last time around


But when I did stop by this time, the door was locked anyway! I took a slightly different route and found another one, with a beautifully preserved interior.


…. and a timeless scene of very well preserved Maniot women finding shade where they can


As before, the scenery was stunning and the drive also quite a challenge on such twisting and steep roads….. how could I have even thought of pedaling up them on a bike!


I returned via Kareouvouni, which is a very well concealed mountain village near Neochori and Sonnenlink. Vangelis has made a courageous move from Athens to return to the countryside.
We had the most wonderful conversation about acting, performance, Alexander Technique and taking those first brave steps into the unknown.


Good luck Vangelis. I hope you realise your dreams; please let me know how it goes…. You really touched my heart.

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