I snuk back!



I have been away for 10 days back in beautiful Greece. Back in beautiful Sonnenlink to be precise.
The something that drew me back so soon has so many strands, but before I put up a post that zooms out into the Mani in general, I would especially like to point to my beautiful accommodation and the atmosphere here.


How to put it into words? Sonnenlink (www.mani-sonnenlink.com) is a wholistic centre, where meditation, healing, culture, health-giving organically grown food and environmentally aware practice form the central ethos of Greece’s first ‘Bio Hotel’
… but it’s so much more.
You know you can just be yourself here, however that shapes up, and this acceptance is one of the most lovely ingredients to be welcomed with as you arrive through the gates and which continues as you unwind throughout your stay.
Everything is thoughtfully planned from the decor through to the vibrant gardens. Each little apartment or house is beautifully and simply equipped to deal with both the heat of the summer and the cooler winter weather. Unlike rather a lot of places, everything ( plumbing, wiring, blinds, insect nets etc. ) WORKS! and is maintained with attention and care.



The home made, home grown ( Burgi took me up to her lovely garden plot amongst the caves, high up overlooking the bay) cooking is not just healthy, but delicious and the kitchen area and communal balcony have stunning views out to sea and across to Koroni.


Then there are fantastic summer music festivals. When I arrived in April, the piano was still in the house. During the summer, it is craned out to its little heat/humidity controlled cabin so that the evening concerts can take place in the open air theatre… pure magic.



What more to say. Well, of course it’s the personal touch that puts the sparkle on everything. Burgi, you manage to be in 3 places at once, speaking at least 3 languages at the same time and NOTICING how your guests are, what they need and as far as possible ensuring that they get it! For someone who is so fully occupied, I am really touched by your sensitivity and scope of awareness, both from being on the receiving end and witnessing it as you attend to others. And so much laughter and fun!!
Thank you for a wonderful week….. I shall watch the program for 2013 with great interest!




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One Response to I snuk back!

  1. barbara wurzel says:

    dear jenny,
    what a wonderful text on my beloved sonnenlink and my dear friend burgi! and I see on the photo: you stayed in “my” little hut.
    I shall come back this winter and I will think of you – shall we meet again in the mani? maybe I’m looking to find a place for permanent living in the mani, but I’ not really sure in the moment!
    much love and a big hug XXX
    yours barbara

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