A little Bird tells me….


Hello everyone, thanks for looking in!
Two pieces of news.
On Sunday the 18th november at 12.00pm, Totnes fm has a radio programme ‘A Sunday Undertaking’ …. Erring on the side of beauty…
With David’s expert assistance, last night, Jane and I recorded some lovely tracks of my favourite music and chatted about my travels in the spaces between. It was great fun, so I hope you’ll be able to tune in. I believe it’ll be available to ‘listen again’, but I couldn’t work out how to do that bit!Totnes fm

It’s an online station, so just google Totnes fm and follow the programme list.



I am also giving a plug to our lovely exhibition


In case it’s not all clear, it will run from Monday 26th November to Saturday 1st December, in Birdwood House Gallery.

And then on Wednesday 28th at 1pm,


I will be playing Beethoven’s sonata in A flat opus 110, as well as one or two other pieces and perhaps talking a little about the trip.

I think it’s going to be a busy week!

Here in my little caravan, the blue tits are visiting, as you can see… 2 very small and 2 much bigger. They clatter into the side of the hut, swing on the seed nets and then scatter off… at ground level, a teeny wren like a little sphere with her tiny short tail is hopping along in the moss.
The hens have stopped laying and the leaves are twirling and spinning off the trees.
The narrow lanes are muddy, strewn with slimy leaves and an added hazard almost caught me out …. a long trailing bramble wrapped itself tightly around my handlebars and sent me over to the opposite hedge. Managed to stay on board, thank goodness!

A few weeks ago I had the most beautiful walk near Saw Mill Cove. It brought back memories of Martin kneeling joyfully beside a mushroom like this one.


Must get back to the cartoons. They are coming along nicely. I have just crossed Sicily! Francois and Susan, a little peek for you. Wish you could come too!



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2 Responses to A little Bird tells me….

  1. Susan Duncan says:

    Jenny, on my way down to my singing group, will listen asap, your poster for the concert looks like Siracusa fantastic, you have been busy ! hope all goes well will write more soon. Love the cartoons.

  2. wendy holdstock says:

    OOOOh Jenny delightful
    Love Wendyxx

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