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In case you would like to have heard last Sunday’s programme with Jane and me talking about Beethoven by Bike but missed it, here is the link to listen again, sent to me by a clever computer whizz who was on my Kyrgyzstan tour a couple of years ago!

Thanks James

I have just spent 2 days completing the last of my cartoon panels… Greece.
A Freiderich-like back view of me looking towards Plymouth from a mountain top… Caption ‘home?’ …… Sir G’s thought bubble “but I’ve only just had my oil changed?!”

Donkeys, goats, frescoes, Ecclesia, war-like Maniots, beautiful dancers….. So much crammed in to grab the eye and of course, the heart…. so many memories and stories. Echoes of coming to the end of the journey and that old wistfulness tugging at the guts. It will be so wonderful to have the opportunity to talk endlessly about it all for a whole week!

A huge thank you to Jane and Simon of Green Fuse for the vision and generosity to offer the space for the exhibition so that we can share it together.

It’s CHUCKING it down, so perhaps I won’t be bringing all that precious paper into town today, but preparations are cranking into gear for mounting it all in Birdwood house ready for next week.
I am so looking forward to seeing you all!


Looking down into the Neda gorge… a well placed olive grove ready for an early start the next day and a great big climb…. Way back in March. I can feel my little legs twinging at the thought!

Bull finches? and pink finches? outside my window today, rocking violently on their slender nettle stalks in the gusts…. beautiful colours, singing against the dull background.


Phil, can you tell me what’s what here?… Aren’t they lovely?




Thanks for looking in.

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