Gallery snapshots

A few happy shots of progress and the fulfillment of seeing the journey in one place. What a joy.
I’m sitting in the gallery tonight after a wonderful day….

Satruday night chaos!


Takes shape….by Monday,


Beethoven arrived yesterday morning… a much softer, more tender version than the portrait I was attempting to copy! I prefer to see him this way instead of the usual stern depictions…


There has been a steady flow of smiling visitors


Who are enjoying the anecdotes!



and leaving a beautiful catalogue of touching comments in the exquisite visitors’ book that our local ‘Paperworks’ has put together for me. It is their paper that has such a big presence in the room.


I wheeled Sir Galahad proudly down the aisle of St. Mary’s church this afternoon… He stood quietly while I played opus 110 to a lovely audience of friends and local music lovers. He even rang his bell in all the excitement!
He is now back in the gallery looking forward to a bit more attention tomorrow!
We have also made a tidy sum for the musicians benevolent fund over these last few days, so if you are at a distance, reading this and feel you would like to add to the donations, you will find ‘ISM’ in the menu bar on the right ….
Goodnight and thanks to all of you who have come to join in one way or another. I can hardly begin to describe the deep joy and sense of satisfaction of the week so far.

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3 Responses to Gallery snapshots

  1. Congratulations, my dear Jenny!
    You feel so happy………………
    love Burgi

    PS Today we have a big company event (20 years factory celebration) and winter starts to
    enter our area 🙂

  2. my reply left too early – I just also wanted to mention once more, how much I appreciate and enjoy your paintings, your stile, your way of expression all together !
    sunny greetings from Mani

  3. Sheila says:

    So glad it’s all going well hope to pop in on Friday still. Congratulations xx

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