Yesterday in St. Mary’s


Sir G came down the aisle meekly, but couldn’t resist ringing his bell. .
Chopin, Pachulski and, naturally, Beethoven were on the menu.
How restful to complete the ‘cycle’ so to speak, with a concert back home.
I look forward to seeing those of you who can pop in during the remainder of this week.

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3 Responses to Yesterday in St. Mary’s

  1. Anne Chamberlain says:

    Inthe photo, are you wearing typical cycling attire? Or is that every day Jenny attire?

  2. Susan Duncan says:

    Jenny, Darling, so jealous I’m not there. It sounds like all is going to plan, TED talk still on the menu ?, Cartoons amazing and well done for concerts and exhibition, we’re busy getting ready for another great trip, to NZ to see Seb, Coco and Olmo are also coming. SO EXCITED !
    will tell yu all about it when we come back. Sending you the warmest hugs. Sus

  3. ann barclay says:

    Drat, drat and double drat that I couldn’t get to the St.Mary’s concert y’day! But really enjoyed the mini one at Birdwood today and much look forward to the C.D. Exhibition really wonderful and what a stunning record of your trip. Love Ann xx

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