Concert coming soon!


Evocative music, slides and tales….. do come to the Steiner School at Dartington on Friday 18th at 7.30 pm (I am practising like a demon!)
I will attempt to condense 3500 miles, 7 countries, 300 paintings and over 30 pianos into approximately one evening!!
(Ssh. . it won’t be all Beethoven this time, but that’s a secret)
No need to book – donations on the door, with portion of proceeds to the ISM ( Independant Society of Musicians) members Fund. Look forward to seeing you there.




Home again home again, joggety jog…….

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One Response to Concert coming soon!

  1. Caroline Aldred says:


    Is this for the ISM Members Fund or for the Musicians Benevolent Fund ?



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    Caroline Aldred

    Head of Members Fund Operations / Business Support Officer

    Direct: 020 7079 1210

    Incorporated Society of Musicians
    10 Stratford Place, London, W1C 1AA
    T: 020 7629 4413

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