A muddy little romp beside still waters…. (the Kennet & Avon canal)

I’m on my way to the big city to do some further training in the Alexander Technique… lucky me!
So I thought I’d take a bike ride NO MATTER what the weather… and lo and behold, the weather angels have been beaming for 2 whole days!!
It is also a good excuse to start planning Ollie’s first cycle tour and one has to check these things out in sufficient detail to cater for a young one who thinks he likes it before he has tasted the reality…
Mud, grit, a sore bum from all those lumps and bumps in the tow path… (I would have been much more comfy on my mountain bike this time, had I not been lugging all my stuff )
Fascinating long boats, peace, lovely pubs, spectacular views and an abundance of snowdrops.
I have been honing my talent for getting to the tourist info centres just before they close, as well as managing to find the right map, just when I want it!
Tomorrow I will get a train from somewhere to Paddington and hopefully pick my way to my accommodation near Queens Park. I’m really looking forward to both the stillness and focus of all that Alexander, as well as discovering a bit of London by bike. Any suggestions most welcome!

Some photos to whet your appetite.








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2 Responses to A muddy little romp beside still waters…. (the Kennet & Avon canal)

  1. carolyn says:

    Lovely. Inspiring as ever. Thanks for sharing! x

  2. Wendy Holdstock says:

    Such an abundance of brightness
    It’s been lovely and bright here too
    thanks Jenny Love Wendyx

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