Something Sicilian

I went back for a holiday with my friend Ruth and to see dear friends I had met last year, staying in Palermo, Selinunte, Catania, Noto and Cefalú. It was sunny, hailing, torrential raining and snowing!




Temples, salt flats, scala di Turchi, … the rich variety of landscape …..





…. and culture, mending nets, youthful swaggering, the cult of St. Agatha, selling vegetables in impossibly narrow streets.


and an old Tunaria right beside the airport… I discovered a little track and found myself almost on the runway!

On a more serious note, whilst we are so absorbed in the contents of our lasagnas, it would seem that despite the resounding “no” from the whole of Sicily, the USA is pursuing it’s intention of siting MUOS masts in a reserve area of outstanding beauty and too close to inhabited areas for comfort.
There is little doubt that this contravenes EU law, but does anybody have the power to stop this imposition? I am curious to know if American political enthusiasm for our continued strong presence in the common market has any connection… I thought the EU was supposed to be a strong alliance. There are many, many Sicilians who are very fearful for the future.

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One Response to Something Sicilian

  1. Wendy Holdstock says:

    Hi Jenny
    Bad news about the masts
    It’s not comfort that is at risk but health, unfortunately
    And no I don’t think there is any power on earth which will stop these things
    Unless civilisation as we know it changes drastically
    I hate to sound so pessimistic
    I am not really pessimistic about humanity and the future
    But there is such lethargy amongst people everywhere about these masts
    we camped next to an ordinary mast in France last year
    and in the trees was something more, and not usual.
    it was painted brown for camouflage? and that morning I awoke
    with the top of my head completely numb
    It took 3 days before the feeling came back
    I wonder what it might have done had we not been there only camping and
    moving on

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