John Railton contd. .

I am on the train to Devon and to John’s funeral tomorrow. . full of so many memories over the last 44 years. . How lovely to see the video of his MBE celebration, along with those photos spanning a music and family-filled life.
Unforgettable, that relaxed, wide, warm hand. . encouraging smile. . a moment of entry, just from an eyebrow? ” altos, you are rather conspiratorial today” = “sing up, I can’t hear you” . .


oh bother, I can’t swivel this little picture from my all singing-dancing phone. . oh well.
This is just one of the many ways I will remember John.

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One Response to John Railton contd. .

  1. Beverley Powell says:

    Hi Jenny. Thanks for keeping in touch. Sounds great for you in London. It’s good you can come to the funeral. Your lovely obituary should be read out, I think. Or written up as a gift for the family. Sorry I haven’t got back . Just a little bit crazy at the moment. Plus a touch of bronchitis this week to boot. On the up now. Maybe see you if you’re here over the weekend? Off to beddy byes x

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