2 Beethoven by Bike events soon!

Good morning on this beautiful 2nd May day!
Here are details of my next 2 concerts.
Saturday May 11th at 7.30 pm in St. Lawrence Lane Chapel, Ashburton.
Tickets from Delizios in Buckfastleigh or bar 14 in Ashburton. This is in aid of the ‘fight the quarry fund’
Then Sunday, 12th May at 7 pm in Margaret Merrington’s lovely studio, 26 South Street, Totnes.
This is a more intimate space, so do reserve your space. ( I can email contact numbers for Margaret or Edwina)
This is a continuation of fund raising for our very dear friend Andrew who is having treatment for cancer.
On another note I had the great happiness of wandering and snoozing around Dartington Gardens yesterday. Birds rioting and ‘darling buds’ galore. . I was transported back to the days of hide and seek and those unbearably delicious butterflies when trying not to be discovered! I still get them when I hide from Ollie!
A rather poignant moment when I think now that I often haven’t a clue where they are, let alone which bush they are behind. . pang. .
Neither did I have an all dancing singing mobile phone from which to send all this into the  ether !! How times change.
Happy May bank holiday to you all.


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2 Responses to 2 Beethoven by Bike events soon!

  1. Dearest Jenny
    Thank you for sharing all those delights
    I have been savouring my garden in Parklands too

  2. sheila says:

    Dartington is just amazing at the mo isn’t it.Glad you had some time there.Thanks for lovely photo. See you on Sunday at Margarets. xx

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