England in Spring continued


On my way to giving a concert in Ashburton I had an idyllic spring ride along the edge of Dartmoor.
The point of the fundraising was to raise money for legal fees to contest the proposal for bottom ash to be dumped in a nearby quarry with the risk of serious contamination of our beautiful river Dart let alone a horrific volume of heavy lorries through the very small moorland town of Buckfastleigh.

It was a lovely evening although I say it, and I was greatly supported by generous friends, staying in their beautiful home overlooking the Dart valley. Thank you Juliet, Oliver, Michaela and Jose for your wonderful welcome, feeding me and delivering my uncrumpled clothes to the door!!


The next day I continued my little tour by crossing to Totnes via ( and seriously uphill!) Landscove…. More bluebells and soft spring-time delights….



….and the ever-beautiful Dartington gardens. When my daughter Ruth was little we both wished we could make these giant rhododendrons our fairy home.


Then it was all go and swinging in to an evening in Margaret Merrington’s exquisite ‘Phoenix Shack’, named after a fire destroyed the original studio with the result that this most lovely room was built to replace it.



This time the funds raised went to continue our support for Andrew’s cancer treatment and dear friends gave generously.
Both evenings, with their slightly different flavour nonetheless remind me just what a profound impact Beethoven’s music in the context of the human journey has upon all of us.
Perhaps it is time to take it out further and allow more people to taste these fruits.
I am wondering about how to move forward with this in a way that is authentic, manageable and human.
If there is anyone out there with thoughts about this, I would be delighted to hear them!


Last night it was pretty cold again, but the stunning evening sky drew me out of my little hut to take a last look. Thank you all for the messages of enthusiasm and support. It means a lot to me as I do sometimes flounder.


I think I miss the outer journey more than I could have imagined when I set off. I am constantly reminding myself that it is time to pursue harmony and balance with the continuing inner journey.

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One Response to England in Spring continued

  1. sheila says:

    Your evening sky photo is amazing. The perfect end to a day. x

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