Moving House

Mike is an old hand at this, so with a combination of skill,




a quick check of the undercarriage


and a certain amount of posing, (?)


we are under starter’s orders


and off down leafy lanes



and ever-narrowing byways until we reach our destination.


A minor snag


Is resolved by the old push-me-pull-you technique, and with nothing more than a slightly wonky chimney,


my hut is now safely installed in its beautiful new home.

It has been a long day, so I can’t get my head round anything much. I have been for a long swim in the Dart and heading for the fridge for a glass of wine.
Tomorrow is boxing day… or rather, de-boxing day. Thanks for all the chimney prayers!

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3 Responses to Moving House

  1. sheila says:

    Hurrah, sounds like you have done well and am so glad all you have is a wonky chimney. See you have your priorities right, a glass of wine. Sleep well in your new home xx

  2. Beverley Powell says:

    Well done Jenny. Will come and visit soon. Looks good. Be well and happy. Do call in if over this way. Trotters from Totters xxxxx


  3. carolyn says:

    the dew of morning settles on all transitions……xxxx

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