Ivy Watts

When I asked my physics teacher why it was that when you remove a plug from the socket, electricity doesn’t come spilling out, he pointed his finger furiously at me and shouted ” GO AND PICK MUSHROOMS “!!!
I went to the upstairs dormitory and stuck my compass needle in the brass socket as a matter of idle curiosity, as I was sure there must be an explanation. There was. I don’t know how, but I found myself jettisoned quite fascinatingly and at time-warp speed, way across the other side of the room.
Perhaps this is one of the reasons for my frizzy hair and the inevitable school girl nickname ‘ Brillo ‘
I managed a respectable low grade in Physics at O level and called it a day.
Until a couple of days ago when a great team of friendly, good natured chaps came to fix me up with solar power. Captain Bob was absolutely full of dazzling equations ( including amps times volts equals watts, or I x V = W ) and although I did manage to keep up for about 2 seconds, I then promptly went into brain melt, grinned stupidly and nodded in pretence. I managed to distract him with a cup of coffee.
I am now equipped with a beautiful solar panel-on-a-pole and a massively heavy box containing an inverter and a monitor and a battery which is a very pleasing red. Should there be strong winds, I can imagine that the whole hut could float skywards and be anchored securely by the junction box.
There is a thick instruction manual to go with it.
Best of all, I have power. There are little numbers on the monitor which tell me I am extracting less from the battery than the sun is putting in. This is an equation I can grasp. A bit like the opposite of a bank account.
I can see that for the next few days I will be turning on an appliance and then skipping outside to open up the magic box to see what my consumption is…. the whole exercise will strengthen my wrists, as the door clasps are extremely stiff, the better to keep the rain out.

Many thanks to Dan and the gentlemen of Beco for such a proper job.
Long may the sun shine on all of us!

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3 Responses to Ivy Watts

  1. Carolyn Butt says:

    Hope you are beginning to feel at home.
    Lots of love from me in Oxford xx

  2. sheila says:

    Ha Ha , that all sounds amazing and fascinating. Well done . As you say long may the sun shine (with overnight showers when needed?)

  3. Oh my goodness, that sounds like me and technology….I’m very grateful for people whose brains work that way!

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