‘Forward and Up’

It is all very exciting/daunting/fascinating/vigorous and so on.

I am really not suited to tapping away at a computer, but I am doing my best and with loads of technical and design support from Frances Porter my new web site is nearly ready to launch.

Meanwhile, I am attempting to sit well, allowing my neck to be free as well as trying to be clear and concise about what I want to convey.
Most challenging for clearing the cerebral fog.
I am hoping it will rub off on my writing when I settle back down to the task of my book.
(An agent has kindly reminded me that she looks forward to receiving my manuscript….. eek!)

There are so many wonderful websites out there which inspire me. The clarity of thought in Sarah Mugan’s wonderful articles about the Technique is just one example. Brilliant Sarah!

I am just at the beginning of my work as an Alexander Teacher and one of my favourite pupils is Ruby. She snorts outside my window and then I hop over the fence into the field while she lets me listen to her with my hands or rock her softly…. she is very free despite her age. Between mouthfuls of grass she rests her nose in my hands and I feel so grateful for her warmth and patience.

I will have to remember that most of my pupils will only have 2 legs and not to scratch them behind the ears when we say goodbye….

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