Fund raising at the Kings Bridge Inn

My dear friend Andrew is undergoing chemotherapy for an aggressive liver cancer.

Last night, with Beethoven’s help and his eloquent demonstration of courage in the face of illness (opus 110 the desolate arias and the resolute fugues) we held a Beethoven by Bike Event at the Kings Bridge Inn in Totnes. A generous audience helped to raise over £200 to put towards his treatments.

Also helping to boost the funds, I auctioned reproductions of 3 of my cartoon panels from my trip.

As a result, I am going to have some printed up…. They have come out beautifully …… and are a very manageable size… ( approx 1ft x 3 ft landscape )
They are available on order for £22 each, ( add £4 for postage and packing within the UK) should any of you like to have one (or more)
Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Sicily and Greece.
Please email me if you would like one and I will send it off.
Unfortunately they are rather too big to load onto the blog, but for those of you who are familiar with them, here are some reminders from Poland, Hungary and Greece
The reproductions are on strong, beautiful paper and look a lot better then these photos!
I will donate 10% of the proceeds to Andrew’s funds, so you will also be helping to support him as well as maintaining my coffee and spare tyre habits!
Thanks for looking in.




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