Expotition to Abergavenny

Ollie and I are going cycle touring and camping for the weekend.
We are both itching to get going.
He doesn’t know that a beautiful red bike will be his at the end of the trip.
I didn’t know that he prefers stale rice cakes to crispy ones!
Please keep your fingers crossed for a few sunny moments.. . . . of course, metaphorically speaking, I don’t doubt they will be there in abundance.
Aren’t I lucky to have a grandson so eager to go adventuring?!


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3 Responses to Expotition to Abergavenny

  1. Caron says:

    Have a lovely time xxx

  2. Anne Chamberlain says:

    Isn’t HE lucky to have a grandmother eager to show him the fun of a big adventure! All kids should be so lucky.

  3. Hello J
    thanks for the card – I found it when I came home from babysitting Rowan – heaven
    So lovely to think of you 2 on your bikes
    You are the BEST
    A good example to me with my 3 little muskateers
    And yes you are lucky but he is the MOST lucky grandson
    We will all try and control the weather gods for you
    I was in Worcester week before this one and trying to get back by train this weekend – the rail services are not being helpful!
    So home after 30th
    Power to the cycling legs for you both
    Lots of love

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