A day out with BBC radio 3

I forgot to mention that recently I had a gorgeous day in the foyer of the Royal Festival Hall with the inimitable presenters of radio 3.
I wanted to thank them for over 50 years of dedicated presenting and the long term enrichment it has brought me over the years.

Radio 3 or the third programme, back in the day, has been my companion, inspiration, teacher, solace and so much more….. I owe much of the contents of my huge music library to those moments of hearing something scrumptious and wanting to play it!

Listen with Mother…. as a four year old on her knee
As a bewildered 11 year old under my horse hair boarding school pillow while the ‘in crowd’ listened to radio Luxembourg or radio 1
As a geeky Physio student, I remember banging my head on the bookshelves as I flew out of bed to Mozart
Vivaldi Lute and Mandolin concertos while beard preening and practising anatomy with the adorable medical students!
Newly qualified in a freezing bed sit in Leicester…. Brendel playing Brahms D minor….. This on my death bed please, with strong infusions of port
Anthony Hopkins talking about music and the Poulenc Gloria
Rachmaninov in a car full of screaming small children, bringing me to my senses and preventing child slaughter
Speeding up the motorway to visit my desperately ill father, unbeknown, we were both listening to Lang Lang’s breathtaking performance of Tschaikowsky’s piano concerto, tears streaming down our cheeks, despite the impossible distance between us. Later sharing that experience we were brought so intimately together in a way that everyday conversation could not have done.
Spellbound by Richter as he played Schubert….. time stood still
In a lay by with Mitzuko Aichida playing Debussy
In a field on my back abandoned to Beethoven’s 7th symphony

Countless countless moments of ecstasy, delight, wonder.

So I swallowed, bought my train tickets and soared up to London with flowers in hand to say a huge THANK YOU to them all.

Those friendly voices that have become so familiar over the years now have lovely, smiling faces. The presenters, released from their anonymous studios also seems to be having a lovely time. I am sure they are all consummate performers too. Quick thinking, light hearted, funny and so very erudite on their subjects.

I spent much of my time sketching….. people, with headphones amidst the bustle of the large numbers coming and going all day, have seraphic expressions when they are lost in a world of music…. the knitters on the front row….. the marvellous hats and hair-do’s….. a visual feast along with the music.

Have a lovely Easter break. The countryside en route to China via Salisbury and Winchester is simply beautiful

Zài jiàn and duo xie!

src=”https://beethovenbybike.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/20140411-143342.jpg” alt=”20140411-143342.jpg” class=”alignnone size-full” />






In order of appearance…. Sean Rafferty, fame on Facebook, seraphic faces, hats and hair-do’s, Sean has an impish little smile…..


Rob Cowan and Sarah Walker snuggling in the pop up studio.

It was a truly joyful day amongst heaps of other devoted radio’ers. . . . the train fare didn’t really come into it. Priceless!

Also you may like to check out this lovely article written by a friend and quoting my book synopsis!

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One Response to A day out with BBC radio 3

  1. Dear J
    Bon Voyage and thanks for this and seeing those wonderful sketches
    so evocative and like meeting old friend – the photos so valuable Wendy

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