Markets, hills and endurance in China . . Pingan

What a varied day. Moving on from our peaceful village we came into the county capital of Longshen.
The colourful, chaotic market with every imaginable edibles beautifully arrayed.
We have again cycled through gorgeous landscapes. . largely agricultural, with every available, inaccessible space tilled and cultivated with such care. Countless white wrappers protecting mysterious fruits. 400 year old wooden dwellings in minority villages.
Bamboo and the wheel seem to be the infinitely versatile backbone of human industriousness. All manner of goods are transported by bicycle, tricycle, wheel barrow, trolley or motor bike; all manner of construction, scaffolding, basketry, cladding, building, pulp, fabric, provided by bamboo. Scaffolding reaching to 8 storey building work, for example, or being trimmed to delicious edible shoots. Slung across shoulders to support timeless pendular baskets, or just a simple, supple plank suspended over a gutter on which to sit and ponder by the roadside.
Hens in wicker (bamboo probably) baskets being transported on bikes. An elderly lady sitting in a tricycle carriage while her ancient husband puffs and blows from the saddle.
It is deeply impressive.
We are staying atop a famous paddy field complex of steep 400 year old terraces, and the power is off for the moment. .
A day to rest/hike/tourist shopping tomorrow, and hope to get washing dry ish in the immense humidity!
Our ‘place’ tonight is called Ping An. . meaning peace and harmony. . . the food is the best yet. .

Pingan terraces, early morning, from the balcony of my room.beneath me, people carrying people down the steep steps. . . at a trot!

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2 Responses to Markets, hills and endurance in China . . Pingan

  1. annemarie says:

    Beats Italy anyday !! Just returned from a great week in Bologna with my Dutch friends and the last couple of days with my son Michael in Ferrara ( probably 20 years ago since we travelled together ) Believe it or not we also were cycling around the river Po.
    Hopefully you will find some Easter eggs in your bamboo basket. Cycling a bike might seem normal when you see all these strange contraptions onthe road, remember it well from our visit to China. What a different world / modern and old side by side.
    Happy Easter my lovely xxx Annemarie

  2. Henrietta says:

    Happy Easter Jenny…I didn’t know you’d disappeared to China..happy pedalling too, enjoying the updates!!

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