China continued

I have just done some more work on the first panel.
If you can spot the difference, I hope it is an improvement. Always the way… the second one is superior as I started to get into my stride. Number three starting tomorrow. Can’t wait!
It is wonderful as I get to enjoy the journey all over again, as well as seeing all sorts of things that I missed the first time round….. for example the touching cheers of encouragement from David to his wife, Jeannette as she blasts through on ‘Tigger’ . Having injured her knee horribly shortly before coming on the trip, the organisers managed to find an electric bike which she rode with Pluck, grit and true Aussie determination.
I also love the little Chinese touches, with huge thanks to Elizabeth for lending me a Sotheby’s catalogue of Chinese paintings to be auctioned many years ago. Loads of inspiring ideas for improvisation.


On a different note, today is the 13th anniversary of Martin’s death. Miki and I happened to be driving home from Bristol, so we stopped off and had an exquisite afternoon in the Chalice Well Gardens at Glastonbury, followed by an exhilarating walk up to the Tor.
A little butterfly and then many friendly spirals appeared amongst the tranquil, healing beauty of the place.













He was a beautiful man in a beautiful body. On the day he died, a friend spotted him walking up Totnes high street with a great big grin all over his face.
Well done Martin. I am so grateful for our short time together and to have been able to lightly enjoy today and to be so surrounded with friendship and beauty.

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2 Responses to China continued

  1. Kay Cady says:

    love your style Jenny!x

  2. Dear jenny
    The catoons are like seeing it through one’s own eyes
    thank you thank you
    You better win this! orit’s curtains for that cycling organisation!
    love Wx

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