XingPing to Yangshuo. . . final banquet

I think I have finished…. well perhaps there will be some little details to touch up when I look again tomorrow.

What a journey to take and so many unexpected turns, so to speak.
I can hardly see straight after almost 12 hours of rather tiny scale!

We had another day of torrential rain after a very steep climb up from the river. We were rewarded with the beautiful view at the top just before the heavens opened. Then it was top speed and a thorough soaking to get to the Outside Inn. I did actually spot a rat in the middle of the road, scampering for cover as it was nearly mown down by a flurry of bikes. . . . And joy oh joy to finally get beside the fire and warm up with coffee and some splendid cake.
We were in a little group of traditional mud-brick houses which had been carefully and tastefully restored by a Dutchman, hence the proper coffee!
Then we meandered into Yangshuo the next day, taking the scenic route through some lovely small villages and watching the rafts and rafters enjoying the river.
All too soon we were meeting for our final banquet in the splendid Magnolia Hotel, where we stayed for the last 2 nights and then we said our goodbyes and headed for the airport (most of us. A lucky small number stayed on )

A huge thank you to Scott and the wonderful crew of ‘Bike Asia’ for a beautifully organised, fun and totally brilliant fortnight.
Ditto to Saddle Skedaddle for discovering how to get a trip in China.. . . for all the helpful admin that had to be in place for the trip to take place and, in advance, for giving me the prize….. Well, I am assuming you will give it to me otherwise you will have to amswer to a mob of white haired Totnes cyclists who feel deeply about things like justice and so on. . . .

Oh yes, here is the last panel.


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