Saddle Skedaddle/Bike Asia; Trip to China April 2014. Jenny’s Cartoons

Hello everyone. At last I can now present our wonderful trip, complete with little portraits, stories and scenes.

I hope you like them and that if you recognise yourself, you will take it all, affectionately to heart!

It was not only a fantastic trip, but also a real pleasure to be amongst such kindred spirits, so for someone who normally ‘goes it alone’ it was an additional and unexpected delight.

I hope you have all settled back comfortably, and who knows, we may well meet again sometime.

For my regular readers, thank you so much for all the lovely, supportive messages while I have been head down, producing these.
I will be doing a talk with the cartoons as prompts on Sunday 25th at the Christian Community Centre in Buckfastleigh. 11.15 for an 11.30 start.
I will also be playing a little Beethoven. The full moon picture has as its title, Moonlight Sonata, after a Chinese painting. This is the meaning of the calligraphy beside the moon on the 3rd panel. Beethoven obviously could not be left out and so he must have winkled his way in there while I was looking the other way!






Naturally I should be delighted if you wish to purchase any as a memento. They are available as A4 cards at £15 each (plus post and packaging) or as complete set for £70. This would be unmounted.
I also have some cards of an extract of the centre panel ….. The lovely full moon at PingAn …. Should you wish.
If you would like to have a different size, let me know.

You can contact me at or through the blog messaging.

A percentage of the proceeds will go to the charity I support which is a Musician’s Benevolent Fund; or if you look in the side bar of my blog, do please consider following the link to make a donation. It is right at the bottom of the side bar. ‘ ISM fundraising ‘

Greetings to all.
Jenny Q ( not forgetting Jenny 2 )

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