Grizzle or Gratitude? Off again with Ollie

Just as my back is recovering from a nasty bout of bicycle-related bad, I have had to undergo  a dazzling and vigorously probing (and how) afternoon in the eye clinic where I was told that my sudden, moth-like ‘floaters’ are, alarmingly,  age related.
Pshaw, bah and a bit of despond.

On the plus side, I can see clearly-ish, pedal strongly-ish and joy, Ollie’s new passport has miraculously arrived in the post today after a tenacious conversation, late on Friday afternoon between my invincible daughter and a real person in the passport office.
They upgraded it to ‘team 11’ for urgent attention and surely someone must have slogged on a Saturday for it to arrive today?

On Friday, Ollie and I are setting sail for Cherbourg and then 10 days of touring around with a family group.
We are staying in a magnificent chateau with parquet floors and ‘no bare/wet/be-socked feet please’
The car will be abandoned in Poole, so it will be our first big tour with just the bikes together. We are VERY excited!
There are 6 panniers, a bar bag and a roll mat between 2 wonderful bikes.
Sir G got a nasty hernia the other day when I over-inflated his rear end, so is sporting a smart new tyre plus brake blocks (the old ones were worn to a nasty shred) which hadn’t been changed since I was in Sicily in 2012. They were also badly grooved. . . so much for my Mediterranean maintenance skills.
The new ones sit beautifully and precisely against shining rims this time if I say so myself.. . thanks to Ben, Dr.Bike I now know how to stop them from swivelling while I tighten them up by wielding a hulking great spanner to keep them still. Such black-nailed satisfaction!

My mentor and bike maintenance role model. .
(Ben’s spanner is lots bigger than mine)

It feels a little like the aged ones are doing their best to patch themselves together and pretend to be as young as they feel inside again.
. . . . about 8, or nearly 9, like Ollie!

I am quite certain that the next set of cartoons will be a bit special, and who knows, there could be a piano in the chateau or somewhere on our travels. Ollie plays a bit of Beethoven these days you know. .  what a pair!
Watch this spot. .

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