Cartoon competition!

Ollie has already done an artist’s impression of our destination. . . Complete with merry cyclists, doing their bike gymnastics, chateau and kung fu knights.
He is clearly joining the tradition of imaginative illustrated travel.


I have spent another long session getting filthy, fixing new mudguards (Ollie got very muddy legs last time) changing a brake cable that was glued up and then a truly horrid moment when the head set was suddenly wobbling . . . . Potentially lethal? aarrgghh!
A long hot walk to a very good natured bike person and my dim lights came on. . I had tightened nuts up in the wrong order. Phew. The bike is not suddenly wrecked and we can still go.
My nerves are a little taut, it’s only Tuesday and I still have Ruth’s bike to check over before sorting out what goes into which panniers.
We have turned Ollie’s room into a command centre, so it looks as though a tornado has been through . . . but we are too busy playing duets to do any more today!

this was my neat tidy car when I left this morning.


Doesn’t sir G look expectant and noble?
I think this little red dragon will be keeping Jenny 2 company.


Eustace has never ridden a bike before, so he has a slightly anxious look about him, but I think he will look very nice on Ollie’s red bike.

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