Chateau Perron . . . what a base for hoards of cyclists!

Today I could not keep up with Ollie. Of 41 cyclists he was skimming along at about 25kph and mostly in the front group of 3. What a boy!
We rode out through Perier to Pirou Plage ( beach ) taking in the wonderful Pirou Chateau, which must surely have been occupied by hobbits and dwarves.
Cycling with such a large group is undeniably a great social event, and back at the castle there is pool, table football, ping pong, badminton, an outdoor swimming pool, sofas galore AND a sweet little piano. Children and adults’ needs met in great style.

I have hardly seen Ollie.. . . and O me miserum, I am unusually poorly.

Here, anyway are some photos from the last 2 days, starting with a thirsty little bike dragon, Pirou Chateau and Plage, and our beautiful accomodation.









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3 Responses to Chateau Perron . . . what a base for hoards of cyclists!

  1. sheila says:

    Wow what an amazing place.

    • `beverley says:

      Looks wonderful Jenny. Lucky little dragon to have such an adventure. Hope you are feeling better soon. Bev x

  2. Hi Jenny
    DO hope you feel better soon
    I feel so nostalgic about you to be in Brittany
    Envy is not usual for me
    I guess it just brings back SO many happy and hot and wet and tired memories
    Just spending days riding behind Andrew and all my bad french as we hit small towns
    More power to your tyres
    So glad Ollie has so much company
    Very important I am sure
    Lots of love and thanks for those amazing photos

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