Today was another beautiful summery day and our huge group did a 46k circuit taking in Marigny, Lozon, Feugères and Saint-Martin-d’Aubigny.

The children cycle at some speed (well over 20kph on the level) in their pack unless they are on a tandem with their sturdy parents. I have given up trying to stay with Ollie as he has consistently stayed at the front whether uphill or down. He has been really awesome for such a slight chap.
It has been really lovely to see a group of children with such a wide age range, jelling together so easily and especially that Ollie could become such a natural part of it all.

Continuing the theme of remembrance, we also visited a cemetery dedicated to German soldiers. Simple stone crosses and plaques amongst peaceful avenues of St. John’s Wort. Many many 19 year olds.
It strikes me that only this week, a young 19 year old Israeli man. . . boy? . . . is refusing his call up papers and instead, going to prison as a conscientious objector.
I pray he will be safe. I fear he will not.

Walking around with one or two of my new cycling companions, we shed tears over these boys, life, and so on. How when physical and mental tiredness are present, it is somehow easier to let go and have a little weep. . . . and then we pulled ourselves together and got back on the bikes!

Incidentally, Ollie and others had to rocket around the cemetery roundabout several times. I haven’t really been feeding him all that much, but he seemed to need more pedaling!







back at the chateau I think he was first in the pool. The last photo is of the lovely old gates separating the pool ‘meadow’ from the grounds of the main house.

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One Response to Marigny

  1. A drop of French warmth beauty and just Frenchness in my summer morning
    Love and lots of thanks – some people seem to get more energy the more they cycle
    Hmmmm – must be Brittany

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