BBC radio 3

My favourite radio station. .
It has been my companion and greatest music educator since I was a child . Most of my music collection is a result of listening and thinking “must try that one” …. and how many times has there been just the perfect piece at the perfect moment just as I needed something?
I once pulled the car into a layby because screaming children in the back were threatening to distract me to the point of danger. I put the radio on and there was the most wonderful Rachmaninov. We all just calmed down and carried on.
This morning, Radio 3 has just done me the honour of playing my choice of “music for travel” and letting me waffle with Petroc Trelawny about it for 2 minutes! Beethoven naturally. Opus 109 first movement. Beautiful. What a lovely way to start the day!

Thank you so much to you all at the “beeb” for a lifetime of riches.

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6 Responses to BBC radio 3

  1. Ach Jennyjenny! You never give up being awake, loving and appreciative!
    all the best from Burgi 🙂

  2. Graham Hughes says:

    Just heard you on Radio 3. I too enjoy music and cycling, so you struck a chord. (Forgive the pun!) Just signed up to your blog.

  3. Wendy says:

    Just keep going Jenny
    there will be more of you yet on Radio 3
    I was meditating at 7.00 am and remembered later
    will try and get on the i player and listen again
    Love Wx

  4. Enjoyed hearing a Devon contribution this morning.

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