Easter in Devon and a comparison of cameras!

These are some photos from Easter Saturday.








Recently, I have had such beautiful photos from my mobile phone that I was beginning to wonder if I would ever need to use my camera again… with a grumpiness that I had allowed myself to acquire yet another costly gadget.

I hope soon to have some spectacular pictures from Iceland and so thought I would fish out my ‘piece’.
I also had to dig into my memory to work out how to use it again. Settings that I used to know intuitively on an old Agfa and that I now have to twiddle with complicated buttons and menus to find… meanwhile the subject has moved!
How marvelous to opt for a sprinting man icon for a quick moving shot but equally satisfying to under-expose and focus carefully with a fast shutter speed to get that clear subject/soft background.
The wide angle is especially good for a big picture too, so although my other little camera and phone can almost be in contact for a macro shot, given time and patience, the Panasonic DCM G 10 is still my top favourite, with the more portable and bike-worthy, rapid zoom, point-n-shoot Sony as a back-up.
Ah, I am such a geek with kit!

There, I have let off a bit of steam, written a bit more about Sicily, had a good rant about cameras AND been out on my bike in the early, frosty Easter Monday.
Happy Easter to everyone.

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One Response to Easter in Devon and a comparison of cameras!

  1. barbara wurzel says:

    dear jenny,
    the flowers in devon are looking nearly as beautiful as the flowers in sonnenlink garden.
    love from barbara xxx
    I am now living in berlin and I remember very well the easter matinee in sonnenhaus with beethoven by bike!

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