Land of Ice and Fire

Footage of molten, flaming lava steadily engulfing a whole village from the safety of a cinema seat was a great introduction to the extremes of Iceland. The consistent remark from those whose homes were devastated was “it was so beautiful”…. I can now just about comprehend the significance of the postcards which show a black wall of lava, shooting flames and sparks into the night sky.
We left the city yesterday and drove 2 and a half hours north west to a remote spot on the snaefells peninsula where we have settled into wooden cabins under a mountain of black and white.
Today we have been out in the elements to paint and scrabble with ink and stick /stone/grass.
I have joined a group of 6 to paint with the help and guidance of Johanna.
Already, on our first day we have jointly produced a large volume of sketches and gained pink noses and cold hands. Thankfully, although it has drizzled, the wind is only mild and the temperature at least 5 degrees.
In particular I have loved getting up close to several Icelandic horses. They are very friendly, relaxed and curious.
A couple of early efforts.





Within the deep black of the volcanic rock there is a wealth of colour ranging from red to green and amber. In the ever-changing light this glows from the mountainside. It is almost as though the heat must radiate up from the depths of the earth to meet with the ice and snow.
Such a stunning place to be.

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One Response to Land of Ice and Fire

  1. Wendy says:

    Hello Jenny and A-M
    Lovely to hear – how lovely to see these photos
    The horses of course would be friendly
    I think, unless an animal wants you for food, if it is not bothered much by humans it will be friendly
    And curious probably
    I kept checking to see if you would expand and relate to us -your ever faithful fans
    I must say it sounds enchanting and challenging
    But I still don’t envy you
    Lots of love
    Wendy xx

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