A novel way to share Beethoven

Last night was a very special first.
Beethoven’s fifth piano concerto in a poly tunnel on a digital piano, including the piano transcription of the orchestra. (And a few cuts)
After 39 years and 6 months the Emperor finally punched his way from my library onto the music desk.
2 months ago Kirsten reminded me that I had agreed to play something for her 50th birthday celebration. I had forgotten.
What would she like?
“The Emperor is my favourite”
I missed the joke. (Last night she said she had been joking…. honestly! )
Although it had been lurking in the dusty provinces of ” too insanely difficult” along with so many of my manuscripts, perhaps it was time at last to have another try.
I got hooked.
For the last few weeks, I have been at it, inserting the orchestral parts and scrubbing out the notes I really can’t play. Lots and lots of practice, and getting to know Beethoven again, at his most intimate and at the height of his elemental, explosive life force. Bassoons, horns in fifths, flutes and plucked double basses. The roar of an orchestral tutti that suddenly give way to the piano solos which float upon the arc of the breath or pound in brilliant scale passages.
Over these weeks he has picked me up, engulfed me stampeded across and then tenderly stroked the most sensitive, fragile threads of my heart strings. Cascades of wild spanning emotion. Mass alternating with gossamer and at the last, just when you think he will end in gentle, settled poise, a thunder roll and fanfare to echo the very beginning.
Last night he burst out and showered Kirsten and her guests with wave upon wave of sheer joy.
A crush of silent attentive friends on sofas, surrounded by flowers and tomato plants. A bumble bee that hummed on a perfect E flat as he buried himself in the foxglove beside my right ear……and just in the near whisper of a solo moment, birdsong threaded through the musical tapestry, bringing the outside in and turning us inside out.
In the morning, straight from my tent in a paradise of moorland greenery and back to play it all over again for breakfast. Mellow, more relaxed, more …..
Beethoven, anywhere, anytime.


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One Response to A novel way to share Beethoven

  1. Ingeburg Blauel says:

    I would have loved to hear it!!!!!!!! I am sure this was a highlight in your life to study this ans perform ! Love you!!! Burgi

    Von meinem iPhone gesendet


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