Hispanic Hats and Hilly Hills

Two colossal bikes arrived on Friday, not to mention great big grins.
Pau and Rober had crossed from Santander to start their biking adventure and came for their “warm showers ” ( a great hosting organisation for cyclists, world wide) stay.
Next stop Exeter, so on Saturday, I couldn’t resist the temptation to ride along!
We missed out just the nasty main road and the killer hills between Totnes and Newton Abbott, toiled up to Haldon then flew down into Dawlish for lunch ( I forgot our hard boiled eggs and beetroot )
Then it was flat flat flat all the way to Exeter. I had not seen the new gravel cycle path all the way along the estuary. It is easy to ride, but sadly it is sunk beneath the ridge -top, so the beautiful view-side ride along the Exe that I had been so excited to share was rather different.
We arrived on the Quay to a little festival and a stunning mountain-bike-tricks demonstration. Back wheel hopping over a spread-eagled buddy at serious speed was pretty periculoso as was the 12foot leap from a high platform onto a car roof. Something to do with having good brakes.

Most of Rober’s luggage weight seems to be in the hats he carries…. He does a great juggling turn with hats.
Pau carries her art materials and notebooks, which account for a hefty proportion of her weight. (Well not really, but they have packed quite a lot onto their back wheels!)

They are two of the most joyful, creative cyclists I have met and I think they will bring their joy with them and lighten up the landscape and your wherever they are. They certainly brightened my weekend.

I’m so glad to have been a little part of your journey and wish you magic and smooth Tarmac, the wind in your back and friends everywhere you go.

Oh yes, the gulls were in fine form


And here is a little angel to keep you company and dream up unexpected delights!






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One Response to Hispanic Hats and Hilly Hills

  1. Wendy says:

    Wow Jenny
    You look so tiny!
    they are very tall for Spanish folk
    What a delightful adventure
    well done you
    Your legs still working well hooray
    I haven’t cycled to Exeter
    do you want to show me the way sometime!
    Love Wendyxx

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