The Emerald Isle

Did you know I have a little Irish in me?Perhaps that explains why it seems so natural to potter around in Dublin and take a train out into the country for what must have been the only summer’s day that Ireland has seen. 

Wicklow was beautiful..   I slept in various spots beside the sea and the river and my sunset journey home seemed like soft veils of rose and layers of magical misty trees. 

I wonder if my wonderful Spanish cycling friends have made it to the west coast?

I met a fellow 🚴 called Luigi and we managed to compare notes on bicycles and (his imminent) grandchildren and beautiful European cities…. not bad for minimal Italian/English. I hope you enjoy your onward journey Luigi and that your grandchild arrives safe and sound in October. 

I have not sketched or painted for a shockingly long time, so this little sketch of Wicklow is just a postcard warm up. 

More adventures soon.  


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3 Responses to The Emerald Isle

  1. Ach, Jenny……………

  2. sheila says:

    See by your “one little sketch” that you haven’t lost your touch.
    Looks amazing. Enjoy.

  3. Wendy H says:

    Wow3 what wonderful pictures both drawn and photoed
    Tons love Jenny
    Bike ride when you are home?

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