Autumn Leaves

An early bike ride close to my sister’s is a great way to start the day.
At lunch time I will be playing a short selection of music for Penny and the residents in her nursing home. 5 out of the seven pieces, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms and Debussy I have pulled from her bookshelves. ….. we clearly have developed similar tastes ….. hard to know how that comes about?!

So to clear my mind, I have focussed on the beauty of nature.
Cobwebs and sunrise.




Michaelmas daisies and colour



DSC08312.JPGall bein



All being well, I may have some photos of people to share soon.

I am reminded that Michaelmas is approaching. Taming the dragon and encountering the inner shadows….. hopefully with growing awareness and kindness.
Music reaches directly in to some of these cobwebby places. It has always been a bridge of profound connection for me. I hope the music I have chosen so carefully will invite whoever is there later to walk towards themselves.

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One Response to Autumn Leaves

  1. Wendyn H says:

    Dearest Jenny
    You can always become a photographer if all other ways of funding are not working enough!!!
    This is a very very beautiful and soul enriching email
    So I assume the piano playing was great!Love Wx

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