Transmission…… Language……. Perception…. Yawning Gulf……?

“Connecting Through Music”

Does music evoke emotion as much as it expresses emotion?

This question popped up in somebody else’s blog recently and set me thinking (again)

I will be visiting Penny today, so perhaps I will be able to find out more about her experience of music. In the past she has spoken of colour and fabric when talking about our favourite composers.
For me, of course, it just goes straight to emotion. Narrative. Journey. Light and shade.

What is this mystery of music that has held me in it’s embrace and become such a natural means of expression that I have sometimes barely been able to open my mouth for articulate, meaningful communication? Over the decades I have had to work hard to express my ideas, thoughts and feelings. It has become easier, but when I am challenged, I regress and find I am tongue tied all over again.
Did I say anything at all yesterday as I played ? Well, what I mean is, did the music speak of what I felt? Does the language of music exist independently and speak for itself? I hope so, otherwise it would just be an indulgence and an imposition.
It is probably another insolvable mystery, but one which continues to draw me into its web.

I would like to introduce and share a photo of me with Penny.
There are very special and important people (sister Susan and her husband John ) hovering too, but I think it is first things first and maybe more will come later as I feel my way.

For one thing, it was not until I met Penny for the first time about 18 years ago that I had any experience or perception of what it was to know family resemblance. That is so weird I can hardly get my head around it.
I lived life not seeing family resemblance in others let alone for myself.
That all changed over night, as a 40 something year old!

So you can understand how extraordinary it is to look into the face of somebody who looks like me….. who I look like.

It is truly lovely.

But I don’t think I can take in too much at a time.
There is a huge number of relatives stretching back and forth through generations. When I look at all their photos ( all looking like each other and with hints of me and my children and all these cousins and so on) it is like a rolling ocean of fascination …… and my digestive system swings rather quickly into hiccups!

So I will put up just one picture.


This is Penny.
I am very proud of her and grateful for her.
I might otherwise not be here at all.

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