Getting to know the daisies

In the early morning light the Michaelmas daisies have been one thing.
This afternoon, beside the river and in full sunlight, I came up from behind so to speak, and right up close.
I love the way the light glows through them and how their untidy scrimble curls over or stretches out in the most delicate shades of lavender.
Their deep gold centres and pale, fragile stems.
How they are as soloists and in ensemble.
Like members of the same family. Wayward, neat, little and large. Tightly folded up or wide open. Such a mixture.
Each time I potter off along the trail, I spot something even more alluring.
I shall be getting quite familiar soon.





I tried “turning the page” with quick scribbles so as not to get too hooked on an end result.
Here are some of my friends from the river bank.





More friends and family to follow.

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3 Responses to Getting to know the daisies

  1. Jenny, i enjoy reading your lovely posts….

  2. henrike fischer says:

    Jenny my friend…is this the right place to write you not a comment but a mail…would love to be in contact again…big hug, henrike


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