A Mid-winter Writing Retreat ( and we had snow!)

Beethoven by Bike…. Where has our adventurous duo been holed up?
It is one thing to ride out with Beethoven into the sunset for a year and play pianos from Denmark to Greece, but a totally other thing to write a book that does justice to such a unique mix of experiences

….the inner and outer themes ……the transformative power of music…. creative urges and artistic expression….the roller coaster of cycling 3500 miles across summer and through winter, out into spring…..how does anyone roll up such a multitude of ingredients into a neat package that turns out a book?
For the last year I have been tussling with the early stages of writing and I confess to have come to a stand still several times.

Just like the journey really, but in very slow motion and from the relative comfort (guilty discomfort) of my desk.
In the isolation of my office it has been too easy to become dulled and for my enthusiasm to wane.

It is hard work to write even when it is the thing you live for, let alone when it is not your first skill…..I would far rather sit at the piano or paint, or go for a bike ride, frankly!

This weekend, in the hope of refreshment, I took the opportunity to join Gilly Smith and a group of writers in her wonderful mid-winter writing retreat. 
The feed back from tutors and group alike has been overwhelming. 

“You must write this book” along with a flood of fresh ideas for moving forward.

It is this and the uplifting company of wonderful people that inspires me to carry on.
I have been able to touch back into the magnificence of Beethoven’s music and the magic of carrying it with me, heart and soul.

So here are some questions that could help me to move forward.
Is there anybody out there who would like to do some PR for me?
This for talks/presentations to promote the essence of the book….it would need to be someone who knows my story and is inspired by it.
…..who would know where to look for some financial support?
….who can write fantastic testimonials about my story, my artwork and my presentations?
……who can feed me with ideas about publicity/social media/thinking out of the box?

I am reliably told that a book does not grow overnight…..Patrick Leigh-Fermor did not write his “Time of Gifts ” until decades after his epic walk, for instance. 
This is reassuring. I have only been ‘at it’ for 3 years! 

A huge thank you to Gilly and Jed for their beautiful space, fabulous food and the rich writerly environment that flows from them and in which we have been so generously bathed. 

Also to everyone on the weekend for the easy exchange of friendship and heartful warmth between us as we grappled with our diverse projects.

Keep going with all the precious insights and resolve! 

This quaint little writer’s angel is for all of us, but especially for you, Katie. Your song is exquisite. xx 




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One Response to A Mid-winter Writing Retreat ( and we had snow!)

  1. Wendy H says:

    Oh Jenny How wonderful
    I love your angel
    He face her face – hmmm

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