Coming Back….. carrying on

When I set out in 2011 I was dimly aware that, just like the period after a performance…..the “performance blues” …. I would be coming back. Coming back to more of the inner journey.

A book came my way recently. ” Boarding School Survivors” 

It was a harrowing read and has released a flood of memories.  With it, art that takes my breath away. 

In the moments after painting from such a deeply painful place, I have found myself with Beethoven beside me on the piano stool. …. sonatas I have not yet played, offering comfort and even musical impishness to bring me back to the light. He is indeed a beloved, tender friend and wraps himself around me, more so now than ever.

Yes, intimacy at a great distance is a safe bet.

At school my precious gift of music and the solace and privacy of the practice rooms literally kept me afloat.

There are many more of these paintings to come. 

Some of you said it would be interesting to read about the return…what happens next. This  burning impulse to paint is what is happening now. I don’t know what is next, but I am hopeful that breaking silence will be valuable in the greater scheme of things. 

The journey continues to take me by surprise.  

The paintings so far are

“Seven years?” ( first impressions )


“Bed of tears” ( dormitory life )


“Girl with the brown neck” ( washroom cubicles )
“High Table”


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3 Responses to Coming Back….. carrying on

  1. Thanks for sharing those images … They are really striking. I love the explosion of colours in the dormitory image, and the use of the mask the girl has to put on in the first one v

  2. Wendy H says:

    Darling Jenny
    You touch places nobody else does
    For so many of us
    See you Friday
    I have pair of leggings of yours that Bev found in her suitcase
    Just saying to help me remind myself to bring them Friday
    So glad they have finally got away
    Love for now an awe at your urge to paint
    I wish it would grip me!

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